Project Description

PHONO – Acoustic Telephone Hud

  • Acoustic furniture
  • Acoustic furniture
  • Acoustic furniture


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Phono is an acoustic hood that provides an invaluable space to take phone calls within a loud or busy environment. The design of Phono utilises the structural integrity of 24mm Alpha to create a wall mounted space, inspired by the common phone box that we are all familiar with. It offers a superb sound quality and provides the user with a sense of privacy both visually and acoustically to have a private discussion within a busy working environment.

Technical Data

Product Name Phono
Composition 100% Polyester Fibre [PET]
Sound Absorption 0.95 Class A
Thickness 24mm
Weight 4.8kg m2 [±10%]
Fire Specification EN13501-:2007+A1:2009 B-s1,d0
Formaldehyde Emission 0.00 ug/g
VOC Emission <0.02mg/m2
OKEO TEX Standard 100 – Class 1
Recyclable Content 100%

Standard Size

Width  Height Length Weight
528mm 576mm 792mm 13kg



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