Project Description

MTech Pyamid

  • Melamine Pyramid

Technical Data

Composition MTech Pryamid
Sound Absorption Class A
Thickness 25mm Base / 75mm Rise
Fire Specification DIN EN 13501-1:2010 C – s2, d0
OKEO TEX Standard 100
Compressive Strength EN ISO 3386-1 kPa > 9
Elongation at Break EN ISO 1798 kPa > 130
Weight 9kg m3

Standard Size

525mm x 525mm x 100mm Not the size you need?
Not to worry, we can fully
customise the design to
your requirement.


MTech Pyramid tiles are manufactured using BASOTECT G melamine foam. Boasting high noise absorption capacities and high fire prevention qualities. Tiles can be fully customized to your specification and are all manufactured inhouse on our CNC cutting machines.

MTech Pyramids are well suited for cases where high fire prevention qualities and excellent sound absorption are required. Thanks to its low weight in combination with a good stability MTech Pyramids can also be used as self-supporting sound absorbing element.

Some possible employment fields are, for example:

  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Aniconic Chambers
  • Industrial halls
  • Electronics Industry


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