Project Description

FireTech – Pyramid




Firetech has been developed to provide excellent sound absorption in the troublesome low frequency range, whilst offering high levels of absorption at the mid and high frequency scales. Firetech’s acoustic ability coupled with its excellent fire resistance makes it a perfect acoustic solution for the construction industry. Firetech’s high mass ensures excellent sound deadening performance when applied to rigid substrates, greatly improving sound breakout. Firetech offers excellent value for money.

Technical Data

Product Name FireTech Pyramid
Composition Class 0 Acoustic Foam
Sound Absorption Aw 0.85
Thickness 50mm
Weight 90kg/m3
Fire Specification BS476 Part 6/7 Class 0
Operating Temperature -30ºC to 100ºC
Thermal Conductivity 0.32 Btu-in/ft2-hrºF @6mm
Fungus Resistance Does Not Support Growth
Water Vapour absorption <9%

Standard Size

Width  Length Thickness Weight
600mm 600mm 50mm 2kg

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