Project Description

EchoGeo – Ceiling and Wall Panels

  • acoustic wall panel
  • Acoustic Wall Panels

Standard Shapes 

Tech Materials standard range of shapes.


Acoustic Solutions
Acoustic Solutions
Acoustic Wall Panel

Optional Extra: Printed Surface  Optional: Self-adhesive


Echo acoustic panels offer a practical and cost-effective treatment to reverberation and echo. They are simple to install with an easy-peel self-adhesive backing designed to grab onto walls and ceiling with little to no fuss. Echo Panels are a class A acoustic absorber available in a range of Camira and Muraspec fabrics. ECHOGEO panels are Tech Materials range of geometric acoustic panels that help improve the creativity of your acoustic solution. All panels can be made to custom sizes.

Technical Data

Composition Melamine Foam Core Fabric Wrapped
Sound Absorption Class A
Thickness 50mm
Fire Specification DIN EN 13501-1:2010 C – s2, d0
OKEO TEX Standard 100
Compressive Strength EN ISO 3386-1 kPa > 9
Elongation at Break EN ISO 1798 kPa > 130
Weight 12kg m3

Standard Size

Circle  Hexagone Right Angle Triangle
1200mm Dia 1200mm wide 1200mm Across Base
600mm Dia 600mm Wide 600mm Across Base
300mm Dia 300mm Wide 300mm Across Base

Not the size you need? Not to worry, we can fully customise the design to your requirement



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