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Absorb – Hanging Rafts

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Printed Absorb

Printed Absorb Rafts – Manufactured from a minimum of 60% recycled PET fibres. That’s over 100 330ml PET bottles per M2!

Choose an image that matches your interior and we will do the rest! Turn class A acoustic Absorb rafts into pieces of art. Give people a reason to look up!

Standard Shapes

Tech Materials standard shapes, please contact for a bespoke shape.


Absorb hanging rafts are a high-quality Class A acoustic absorber. Rafts are excellent at battling reverberation and echo and should be suspended directly above the noise source for optimal performance. The Absorb panel core is an open-cell PET panel which is lightweight and easy to suspend, finished in a wide range of industry-leading Camira fabrics or used in its raw material for a cost-effective solution. Absorb Rafts come with a built-in support structure for ease of installation and rigidity.

Technical Data

Composition 50mm PET
Sound Absorption Class A
Thickness 50mm
Fire Specification ASTM E84-18a CLASS A
OKEO TEX Standard 100
Weight 8kg m2

Standard Size

Circle  Hexagon Donut Triangle 
1200mm Dia 1100mm Wide 1200mm/300mm 1200mm
800mm Dia 700mm Wide 800mm/200mm

Not the size you need? Not to worry, we can fully customise the design to your requirement.




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