Acoustic Solutions

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting allows us to create bespoke shapes and designs. Typically used to create, baffles, dividers, wall coverings and free-standing acoustic solutions.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

  • Cutting without discolouration to cut edge
  • Clean cut edges
  • No tooling costs
  • One off to batch production
  • Pre-printed materials cut to pinpoint intricacy
  • Complex and intricate designs accommodated
  • Cutting accuracies down to 0.13 mm
  • Able to cut complex modular designs (3D jigsaws

CNC Routing & Etching

Computer controlled shaping and etching. Typically used to enhance the aesthetics of baffles, dividers, wall coverings and free-standing acoustic solutions. The CNC router is used to make precise cuts into the material that passes through at a range of depths creating textured and colourful designs. It can be used to etch unique patterns and brand logos into Alpha.

Advantages of CNC Routing & Etching

  • Panel etching.
  • Logo engraving
  • Slitting & slicing
  • Making precision cuts into the material without cutting all the way through

UV Printing

Alpha’s flat surface and tight modular structure is perfect for printing on. Our flatbed printer uses UV curing inks resulting in a rapid turnaround time. Typically used to produce cost-effective one-off impact designs such as acoustic artwork, acoustic pinboards and dry whiteboards and brand communications.

Advantages of UV Printing

  • Bespoke printed acoustics
  • HD print quality
  • Floor to ceiling print capability
  • Improves creativity in workspaces
  • Reduced high MOQ’s on costly fabrics

Let’s Create Beautiful Acoustics Together

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