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Office acoustics are crucial to employee productivity, creativity and comfort. Office acoustics are usually an afterthought due to the current architectural trend of building with the following materials glass, concrete, exposed brick and sheet metal.

Although these materials look beautiful and create fantastic aesthetics, they create poor acoustic environments.

The hard-flat surfaces create a playground for soundwaves that is perfectly suited for them to bounce around at high speeds.

Tech Materials offer a wide range of acoustic products such as acoustic panels, baffles, rafts, artwork and acoustic furniture that can be used at all stages of your office acoustic project.

Our products have been designed to improve office acoustics, brand awareness, employee creativity, visual management and office aesthetics.

They are also used to improve the acoustic performance in open plan offices.

Tech Materials offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and acoustic materials that can be used to design acoustic products that complement the material mentioned above.

By working with Tech Materials at the start of your project we can work alongside your architect, interior designer, contractor and or facilities manager to build your office acoustic into the design.

By involving us at the start of the project we can help reduce project cost and help to build beautiful functional office acoustics.

Tech Materials provide a turnkey service to office acoustics offering; design, manufacture, installation and aftercare. We will also provide a free reverberation report at the start of the project showing the reverberation reduction on the planed acoustic treatment.

Office acoustics are important for both employee wellbeing and performance. Tech materials provide cost effective acoustic solutions to office acoustics with quick lead times.

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