Melamine Foam


The Technical Materials Company are one of only a few melamine foam converters specialising in BASF manufactured melamine.

A unique, flexible, open cell foam, possessing a combination of low weight, Class 0 fire rating, and excellent sound absorption properties.

Melamine is halide free meaning when it is exposed to extreme heat or naked flames they do not emit toxic by-products associated with conventional polyurethane-based acoustic foams.

We have access to state of the art melamine processing equipment allowing you to shape, profile and develop the perfect acoustic solution.

White and grey melamine foam sheets are available in a range of sizes or can be customised to suit your requirements.

The excellent acoustic absorption qualities and high thermal insulation characteristics of melamine foam allow the material to be used in the following applications.

We specialise in both fabric wrapped melamine panels and high volume melamine conversion projects.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries for duct lining etc.

Wall or ceiling panels for balanced acoustics in commercial and industrial environments, theatres, halls and recording studios.

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