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Melamine Acoustic Foam – Improving Creativity and Productivity Though Good Acoustics.

Mtech melamine foam “Basotect” is a perfect acoustic solution for the architectural acoustics industry due to its high sound absorption, fire resistance and thermal properties.

Mtech is an open-pore melamine foam (light grey or white) which ensures pleasant room acoustics, even when retrofitted. Mtech can be used in it’s ‘raw’ state or covered using a variety of facings, it can even be directly printed onto or painted. These lightweight absorbers allow large-scale, free-floating elements to be implemented into your projects, offering an attractive room design.


  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Easy to work with
  • Design freedom
  • Low flammability without additional
  • Flame retardants
  • Low weight (~ 9kg/m³)
  • Combines dimensional stability and flexibility
  • High light reflectance
  • High colour stability
  • Resistant to static charging
  • No fibres

Basotect® is just the thing when optimal room acoustics are required, and people need to be heard clearly. Particularly in very noisy rooms, like large offices or call centres, it is important to pay special attention to noise absorption.

Disruptive noise sources such as ringing phones, colleagues’ conversations, or noise from office equipment can make it really difficult for employees to concentrate. And when walls, ceilings, and floors are also hard surfaces that reflect sound, the resulting high noise level can make it impossible for people to work efficiently. Thanks to its versatility and light weight, Basotect® can fit in with any architectural features – whether used as ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, wall-mounted absorbers, or room dividers.

Basotect® is ideally suited to use in wall-mounted absorbers. The melamine resin foam can also be printed or covered with other material without sacrificing precision or colour reliability. This can help disguise its function as an absorber of sound and turn it into a decorative feature.

Ceiling tiles and suspended baffles are often the most discreet form of Basotect® when used as sound absorbers. In unobtrusive colours or shapes, they contribute to a pleasant workplace atmosphere without diverting attention from more important things. That said, they can also be used – quite deliberately – as a centrepiece or to inject a dash of colour to a room and thereby lighten the atmosphere.

Given how easy it is to work with and the tremendous freedom it allows designers, Basotect® is really versatile. Particularly when shaped into nodules or pyramids, Basotect® is excellent for sound absorption in medium and high frequency ranges (500 to 5,000 Hz). For lower frequencies, the melamine resin foam can be combined with materials such as wood, plaster, metal, or even plastic.

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BASOTECT melamine foam cut to size

Sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation or abrasiveness: Basotect® combines many requirements for high-performance foam in one product.


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Melamine Acoustic Foam

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