Acoustic Baffles – Open Plan Office

The Project

Tech Materials was instructed to design a contemporary acoustic solution to battle reverberation and echo in this open-plan office.

The Treatment

Alpha Baffles are a suspended acoustic baffle designed to absorb unwanted reverberation and echo. A recommended product for when wall space is a premium and where a ceiling treatment is essential. Alpha Baffles come with a Tech Suspension Rail that connects to the baffle using a simple push-fit fitting. The suspension rail comes with two adjustable sliding suspension fixings for ease of hanging.

We recommend installing Alpha Baffles in:

  • Open-plan offices
  • Walkways and corridors
  • Breakout spaces
  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Above desks and work zones

Alpha Acoustic Products

Alpha an ultra-versatile acoustic product used to manufacture a wide range of acoustic solutions. Alpha Panels have been manufactured using 65% post-consumer recycled fibres and is 100% recyclable. The recycled PET fibres are prominently sourced from bottles and other recyclable PET consumables. Panels are made by compressing FR oil-free PET fibres which go though a spinning, punching and baking process. We have identified the perfect density that offers a great balance between acoustic performance and rigidity. We manufacture Alpha sheets in 14 colours and thicknesses of 12/24mm, all stocked and converted in our midlands based factory.

Key Features

  • Fire Safe EN 13501-:2007+A1:2009
  • Light Weight 2.4kg M2
  • Manufactured using 65% Recycled Fiber
  • Superb Range Of Colours

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