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Acoustic Panles

The acoustic panel range consists of high-quality acoustic absorbers used to battle reverberation and echo. Install Tech Materials acoustic panels to battle poor acoustics by softening hard surfaces commonly found on walls and ceilings. Our extensive range allows for one of a kind acoustic solutions is available in a wide range of innovative designs and acoustic materials.

Fabric Wrapped Panels

Class A acoustic absorbers fabric wrapped in Camira Fabric

Fabric Choices

Download our fabric options here.

Data Sheet

Fire Safe

Tech products have been tested for Fire Safety according to the European safety standard

Fire Certificates

Contact us for further fire specifications.

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Custom Size

Customize your acoustic panels to suit your project

Bespoke shapes & Sizes

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Acoustic Panel Range

Explore our acoustic collection to see which acoustic product best suits your project.

acoustic wall panel

Echo Geo

Acoustic Solutions

Echo Stick

Alpha Clad 12mm / 24mm


Alpha Geo

Acoustic Panels



Acoustic Absorbers

Acoustic Artwork



Polyester Panels


Acoustic Panel Core Benefits

We are manufactures and designers of industry-leading acoustic solutions and products.
We are dedicated to and specialise in internal acoustics for the commercial, education, industrial, healthcare, retail, and hospitality sectors.

The team at Tech Materials will consult, design, manufacture and install your project from start to finish.
Helping you to reduce cost and maximise performance by buying directly from us as the manufacturer or through one of our dedicated specialist partners.


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