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Acoustic Foam Panels – Improving Creativity and Productivity Though Good Acoustics.

Acoustic foam panels work by absorbing sound waves that bounce around the room, by absorbing sound waves you benefit from less sound interference and improved speech clarity. Designed to battle poor room acoustics caused by reverberation time and echo.

Our products come in wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. All of Tech Materials acoustic foam panels come with an optional self-adhesive backing making installation quick and easy.

We produce 4 core ranges of acoustic panels each with their signature benefits.

Alpha Panels

100% recyclable panels that can be processed into a near infinite amount of shapes and sizes.

Manufactured with a textured surface and used in modern, design conscious environments

Echo Panels

Fabric wrapped melamine foam. Designed to be light weight, functional panel with high sound absorbing qualities. Non fibrous and available in a magnitude of fabrics and finished.

FireTech Panels

A class 0 foam used to manufacture acoustic panels where fire specifications are paramount. FireTech is a class 0 foam and is a cost-effective solution in industrial environments.

MTech Panels

Plane unwrapped melamine foam panels used when acoustics are important, but aesthetics are not essential.

Commonly used in voids, flooring and as standard wall panels. A class 0 fire rated foam with Class A acoustic ratings.

How many acoustic panels do I need? As a rule of thumb to achieve a comfortable acoustic environment you need at least 30% ceiling and wall coverage.

However, there are many factors to consider when determining how many panels are needed. Tech Materials can calculate the total number of panels and products by using reverberation calculations.

We identify the sound absorption coefficients of both the materials used to build to the room and what furniture is currently inside.

A report is then completed showing the reduction in reverberation time in the room as a result of the proposed acoustic panels.

We create acoustic foam panels for any space or project.

The importance of todays acoustic foam panels and its proven link to productivity means that it should never be overlooked.


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Acoustic Foam Panels Range

Explore our acoustic collection to see which acoustic product best suits your project.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Echo Geo

Acoustic Foam Panels

Echo Stick

Acoustic Foam Panels

Alpha Clad 12mm / 24mm

Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic Foam Panels

Alpha Geo

Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic Artwork

Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic Foam Panels


Our Core Values

The team at Tech Materials will consult, design, manufacture and install your project from start to finish. Helping you to reduce cost and maximise performance by buying directly from us as the manufacturer or through one of our dedicated specialist partners. Installation projects will be passed over to our dedicated partners who specialise in the supply and install of Tech Materials products.

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