Acoustic Absorbers

Acoustic Absorber

Acoustic Absorbers

First of all our acoustic absorbers have been designed to battle poor room acoustics caused by reverberation time and echo. As a result our acoustic absorbers work by absorbing sound waves that bounce around the room.

By absorbing sound waves, you benefit from less sound interference and improved speech clarity.

Our acoustic absorbers are used to reduce the energy in a soundwave either by absorbing it or breaking it up, ultimately turning it into heat energy.

Furthermore our acoustic absorbers come in many different shapes and sizes each with a specific purpose.

Acoustic Baffles

Designed to absorb both direct and reverberant sound. Baffles helps to reduce echo as soundwaves from bouncing off hard surfaces at high speeds creating echo.

A perfect solution when wall space is a premium, commonly found with a 100mm spacing with a drop of 500mm. As a result baffles can absorb soundwaves from all sides.

Acoustic Rafts

Rafts are certainly perfect where wall space is limited. Acoustic rafts are suspended from the ceiling and act similar to an acoustic panel.

They are brilliant for sound absorption due to the air gap behind the panel. Because once the sound wave has passed though the raft losing its energy it then has to pass through the air gap hitting the ceiling behind and then back through the raft.

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels: Acoustic panels are fixed directly to the wall, with or without an airgap behind.

Air gaps improve the acoustic performance of the panel and can be as effective as a panel with the same thickness. Acoustic panels work by absorbing sound waves that bounce around the room.

Consequently they are a cost-effective acoustic absorber that is available in a magnitude of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

Acoustic Furniture

A clever way to improve room acoustics cost effectively.

Finally our Acoustic screens, dividers, desk dividers, telephone hud’s, acoustic artwork can all be used as acoustic absorbers that are hidden in the fabrics of the room design.

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