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Absorb Acoustic Products

Soak up all the unwanted reverberation and echo with Absorb, a 100% PET panel designed to offer superior sound absorption. Absorb is a highly functional acoustic material intended to be used as acoustic panels, baffles and rafts. Due to the crisp white finish, you can benefit from a highly affordable acoustic solution that blends into the surroundings. However, if you are looking to design a truly bespoke product, Absorb lends itself to shaping, fabric wrapping and UV printing. Sheets are produced from a minimum of 65% recycled PET fibre and are available in a generous size of 1220mm x 2440mm x 25/50mm.

Beautifully Functional Acoustic Products

Absrob offers the flexibility to design one of a kind spaces with excellent acoustics. 

Choose From Over 100 Fabrics

Absob is available in a white core or fabric wrapped.

Fabric Options

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Endless Design Possibilities

Alpha is the perfect material to process. A near infinite amount of designs can be manufactured from Alpha.

Print, Cut, Etch, Slit, Laminate & Form

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Light Weight and Easy To Install

Installation is made easy with screw fixings and grab adhesive.

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Acoustic Products

Explore the Absorb acoustic collection to see which acoustic product best suits your project.


Absorb Rafts

Acoustic Baffles

Absorb Baffles

Printed Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Art


Absorb Collections Core Benefits

Absrob allows buyers to exercise their design flair and impress their clients by offering an beautifully functional acoustic solution. Think outside the box with Tech Materials to develop unforgettable acoustic environments. Absorb has great acoustic properties combined with high design flexibility allowing you to design the acoustic solution into the fabric of your space. In effect reducing the costs of the acoustic solution considerably.

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