Absorb Acoustic Rafts – ProjectSure

The Project

ProjectSure recently completed a fantastic office refurbishment in Newcastle upon Tyne where Tech Materials Absorb Rafts are featured along the centre of the office. ProjectSure had two challenges to overcome, the first was to reduce the glare and light reflection that the glass atrium had created. The second was to reduce reverberation and echo across the hustle and bustle of the call centre. Together Tech Materials and Project Sure designed the perfect solution using Absorb suspended acoustic rafts.

The Product 

Name: Absorb Acoustic Rafts
Acoustic Performance: Class A
Composition: 65% Recycled PET Fiber | Trilogy Fabric Finish
Fixing: Zip Clip Fixings & Gantry System

Absorb Acoustic Rafts are a high-quality Class A acoustic absorber. Rafts are excellent at battling reverberation and echo and should be suspended directly above the noise source for optimal performance. The Absorb panel core is an open-cell 65% recycled PET panel which is lightweight and easy to suspend, finished in a wide range of industry-leading Camira fabrics or used in its raw material for a cost-effective solution.

Let’s Create Beautiful Acoustics Together

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