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We are here to help you build beautiful spaces with outstanding acoustics. Our design-led manufacturing techniques allow us to turn outlandish ideas into reality. Tech Materials can help you design interiors that offer enhanced user productivity, wellbeing and creativity by manufacturing innovative acoustic products.

Acoustics are crucial to designing healthy interior environments and should never be overlooked. By building acoustic products into the fabric of the design, we can help you reduce project cost and enhance visual aesthetics. We offer a range of playful and functional acoustic products to choose from to ensure the best fit for your project.

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Tech Materials is here to help. Whether you are an interior designer, architect or school teacher we have the capabilities to support you on your project from design to installation.

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Discover Tech Materials products and learn how we can change your environment for the better. Browse our acoustic solutions, acoustic furniture and acoustic panels designed for any interior.

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Acoustic Solutions

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Acoustic Design

Tech Materials offer a comprehensive acoustic design service and specialise in the reduction of reverberation and echo. The Tech Team can support all levels of customers from architects through to village hall comities.To book your free reverberation report call the team on 01952 947390.

UK Manufacturing

Benefit From:
• In-house product manufacturing.
• Free prototype samples made to your design.
• Free sample packs.
• Technical updates on all products.
• Regular design forums held at our factory.
• See new designs and test your own.

& Survey

The Tech Team will consult, design, manufacture and install your project from start to finish.
Helping you to reduce cost and maximise performance by buying directly from us as the manufacturer or through one of our dedicated specialist distributors.

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Acoustic Products
Acoustic Products


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